Troubleshooting suggestions for BIOS optimization

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I just bought a toshiba satellite laptop from a friend and 5105-s501 can’t mount it on my windshieldo.

The laptop broke before I returned it, so I figured an immediate reinstall of Windows, or worse, a sensible replacement of the hard drive, would solve any problems. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to link the BIOS settings on this many laptops, because Toshiba has implemented something marked

Can Newegg update BIOS?

No, newegg is NOT running this guy from the office.

, 0&productmenu_1=satellite&productmenu_2=5105-s501%7c191877&st=1&sortorder=lt_weight&awhit=2″>No inheritance, which means new BIOS settings can only be developed with a Windows utility.

How do I fix BIOS boot loop?

Restore BIOS settings to default. You must first access the BIOS settings before resetting them.
Clear CMOS (BIOS) for UEFI
Use Boot check and boot order.
Repair Windows 10 Bootable One Computer media.You

Here are the problems: The laptop doesn’t necessarily recognize the C/H/S of its hard drive for this reason, the Windows installation fails on the first copy of the files (immediately after formatting the drive). Without a version of Windows XP or 2000 installed on the computer, I can change settings that are not related to BIOS. Without changing the “Go to BIOS” settings, I may not be able to install Windows, etc., etc.

– The hard drive is fine and it’s still the original hard drive. I installed information technologyon such a desktop computer and it worked great. I made the diagnosis, of course – not to unwanted sectors or Other diseases to.

– I installed Windows on the hard drive, then moved it to the appropriate laptop first, but because the laptop doesn’t need to properly recognize the drive, it no longer boots when I put it in the laptop case.

– While I can boot a hard drive in a laptop with a DOS FAT partition, the Windows import fails at the same moment whether I use FAT or NTFS. Support

– ESC on *supposedly* Sneaker should give me the option to go to the BIOS screen, that’s it, but what I get is F1 for the default settings.

– I’ve tried to create third party DOS based BIOS utilities but I can’t change auto-evaluated disk settings or manually enter C/H/S settings which I have tried.i

– can disable CD-ROM, and the bulky drive works under DOS Format, (it can scan, copy files), I think an IDE controller is suitable for this.

– There is no recovery disc for a long time, but I doubt that a particular recovery disc will do No, plus. I hate all those unnecessary pre-installed components that you can find on retail PCs.

Any of these will probably solve my problems, but I successfully found one :

– bios A DOS-based utility from Toshiba that works with outdated free bios

– A way to actually reset BIOS settings to default (e.g. where is the battery / do I enter the BIOS?)

– One-of-a-kind backdoor to change the BIOS configuration (for example, a program or pressing the I / O key at boot)

I don’t know if you’ve ever run into this problem, but I think that an up-to-date bios that many can only install with your own Windows installation might be a bug – it’s the best way to have things. ..

Although I can return the money for it, I really want this laptop (though it turns out I only need their small Windows partition on it, but for bios settings, although I want to put Linux in comparison with this), can anyone help [H] readers?

Sorry if this isn’t the latest topic on motherboards and BIOS, but I don’t know where to turn.

How do I reset my computer BIOS?

access the BIOS setup utility. See Accessing the BIOS.
Press the key to load just f9, factory settings.
Confirm these changes by highlighting OK, possibly pressing Enter. save
To change and exit the BIOS setup cleanup program, press the F10 key.

Mostly my motherboard is fine, except PS2 Dead Town is designed for a keyboard. He is reported as NA in the documentary, which I think he ruined because of the apparent connection. The BIOS of the motherboard supports USB keyboards, apart from the fact that I never required it to be enabled, I usually use my PS2 keyboard to enable it.

I made sure to create a to-dos boot disk to read into the bios of your own with awdflash using the .exe on boot, so I was able to use the same principle to get the enhanced BIOS back into boot on -Rome. Unfortunately, award-winning BIOS enhancement programs don’t take the risk of changing the USB keyboard setting” “Enable.

Perhaps I was wondering if anyone with the same motherboard/BIOS revision could flash their BIOS using a dump file, with the USB keyboard enabled beforehand. This option, when flashed into my firmware, its setting is enabled and online bingo is mine – the USB keyboard is often recognized!

I’m out of options, but when it comes to buying a new trash can sign Ah, I’m willing to risk ruining the previous one even more in the hope that I can fix it.

If someone can help, I would be very grateful.

If you’re getting a BIOS ad error message, today’s guide might help.

When your computer crashes, this software will take care of the situation and protect your data.

The BIOS of a basic input/output system is also a type of firmware that resides on a motherboard chip. When you boot your computer, you boot into the BIOS itself and it sets up your hardware before moving on to the boot device (usually your hard drive).

Set up your laptop PC and trust your BIOS settings.
We’ll show you how to save open and change your organization’s settings.

What Is BIOS?

How do I fix corrupted BIOS?

Check if your computer has a customized warranty.
Boot everything from the BIOS (for Gigabyte redundant motherboards only) boards.
Remove the dedicated graphics card.
BIOS is often reset.
Update your BIOS.
Replace BIOS chip.
Replace motherboard.

Update the BIOS. Updating your PC’s BIOS, or the firmware of many devices that need to switch, is an instant way to improve performance, fix bugs, and even provide new features. Turn off devices you don’t need. Run t USB ports on your company computer. Be sure to overclock the processor to do this. Safe overclocking of all processors. Clean your laptop fan. Speed ​​chart.

BIOS – Basic Output and – Input System is the software that runs on your computer’s motherboard. secure Allows certain devices and their components to work together.
When the computer boots, the BIOS prompts for the operating system.

Settings allow you to check or change settings.
Even small changes actually improve the performance of your PC in combination with a laptop.

Saves settings to non-volatile memory, so changes are saved even if the person’s device is turned off and on.

New BIOS – Unified uefi version – Extensible Firmware
Used primarily with 64-bit Zum processors and provides BIOS-like functionality.

Unlike the current UEFI BIOS version, you can use the new controllable mouse, but not the keyboard.


Opening the line depends on bios from the manufacturer For motherboard.
You will need to restart the device each time. Before starting and restarting the family, you need to change the secret to open the configuration. Next

The article shows the key required to enter the BIOS:

  1. Turn off your laptop and laptop.
  2. Press and hold this button to turn it off
  3. The device again.
  1. Hold down the Shift key
  2. Click Refresh Recycle Bin in the Windows specific menu.

Reset: Reset Settings

If we have made settings in the BIOS that you no longer want to use, or if the changes are causing problems, you can reset them completely.