10 ways to know if you need laptop repair


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    Determining which computer you have can sometimes be tricky, depending on the manufacturer. Usually the manufacturer is indicated on the front side, the exact model number can be on the back side.

    Digital computers have appeared in various forms since the early 1940s. One of the main hobby computers, ENIAC, used vacuum tubes, which were considered the first computer with complete electronics. However, computer manufacturers realize that in the early 1960s they started usingcall only transistors. The development of integrated designs (ICs) has allowed computers to constantly improve their performance while reducing manufacturing costs and power consumption.

    In the 1980s, the first stand-alone computers appeared, offering the user an unprecedented opportunity to work at home.

  • How to apply PC thermal paste at home
  • Wikipedia: Computers
  • Does your main laptop display error messages, slow down Internet streaming programs, or shuts down unexpectedly?

  • Battery not charging
  • The laptop shuts down unexpectedly.
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Programs start up or are slow
  • Notebook running warm to the touch
  • Laptop fan makes noise
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth issues
  • The keyboard stops responding
  • The display/screen is cracked or broken
  • Laptop due to virus or sometimes malware
  • Not all of these problems require a netbook repair to be done by a professional, as there waso it has been proven that some repairs are possible at home.

    1. Battery Not Charging

    Because your operating system is nearing the end of its life, your operating system may alert you with a red “X” above the battery on any toolbar icon. Otherwise, you can use a third-party program to find out the remaining capacity of your battery.


    Laptop Cable

    Charging Port

    If the light doesn’t come on when you connect the charger to your laptop, but only when customers hold the charger at a different angle, the laptop’s charging port may be faulty.


    To be charged for repairs, you must take your laptop to a great technician and have it repaired at home, but the subsequent work is usually done quickly, so the cost of parts and labor should be very reasonable.

    2. Unexpected Shutdown

    If your laptop just shuts down while performing a certain task, you may have a battery problem. Spend a little more time checkingsee if your laptop is locked and charging, then get on with it when it charges in a second.

    This could also be a full screen mode error. If you hear that your computer is working but nothing is showing on the monitor, restart your computer and see if it happens again. If you have determined that this is not one of these problems, you may need a hard drive failure. In court cases, this is often the primary symptom of a larger, more complex problem.

    Create a full backup of the data and ideas on your laptop as soon as possible before deleting the data on the saved device, have it checked and repaired by a professional.

    3. Blue TV Of Death

    In this case, read the error message in full and troubleshoot the Windows software that is causing the screen to stay blue, and finally perform a system restore or restore the system to an earlier time.

    If the above doesn’t solve your problem, you may need to reinstall Windows, but you may need to reinstall Windows.The troubleshooter should guide you through the following steps to find out exactly what is going on and how to deal with it.

    4. Programs Start Up With Or Run Slowly

    How long do you do basic maintenance on your laptop? If you’re like most people, this has been too long. Search the Windows bar or occasionally ask Cortana for “system maintenance”. You will be prompted to complete certain tasks immediately or you can schedule them for later.Optimize


    refresh Disk

    Also carefully check which programs are causing problems. However, if you are experiencing lags when using a mobile web browser, you may need to update your browser to the latest version, or there are too many cookies and temporary files on your computer or laptop.

    Delete unnecessary files and restart your computer.

    Temporary Which Files You Are Deleting

    Finally, make sure your desktop is free of the dozens of files and folders that tend to pile up as they take up valuable disk space and Can greatly slow down logging. you

    Move to Documents, Photos, Videos, possibly folders, or delete completely delete these items. If these fixes don’t work, take your laptop back to a professional computer repair company.

    5. The Laptop Gets Hot

  • Let the phone cool down for 10 minutes.
  • Open the battery compartment.
  • When the battery gets hot, it’s time to replace it.
  • Ventilation holes can also become clogged, wipe them with a cleaning cloth.
  • Make sure you are using a hard, flat surface on your laptop.
  • Consider getting a cooling pad.
  • Do not use on bedding, pillows or other items that restrict airflow.
  • If you’re sure your laptop will still be warm after making these changes, it’s time to consult with a netbook repair technician.

    6. Noisy Laptop

    As with heating, this could be a sign of a dirty, clogged fan.ion or lock holes inside the computer. Follow the same procedure as for the global heating problem above and, if you ask, can you identify the source based on the noise.

  • Is this a fan? This could become a problem if you were periodically distracted by the computer.
  • DVD-ROM drive? Remove the current disc tray and see if the program stops
  • Could it be the disk itself? Clicks or pops may indicate that your hard drive is bad.
  • If you can’t diagnose a noise problem yourself, be sure to contact an IT professional.

    With the exception of DVD drive errors, which can sometimes be fixed by removing the DVD and using a DVD zoom lens cleaner, most of these problems also require professional diagnosis and repair.

    7. Bluetooth Connection Or Wireless Network Issues

    Does the Internet connection drop during assembly of the Are laptop? Do you constantly need to find your home network or re-enter your network key? Is your main bluetooth speaker not recognizing your nice laptop?

    AnnoyingIntermittent failures or problems with the Internet network can slow down your performance, but they do not always mean that you have serious problems. Other

    If the devices are working properly, use the “Find and fix network problems” feature on your laptop using Cortana, or check your laptop’s launchpad.