How to fix the Windows 11 shutdown window that keeps popping up

After examining extensive user reports and advice, we can conclude that the black box computer problem is often due to an outdated display driver. In addition, corrupted system files, non-default brightness settings, and double graphics costs are the reason behind Windows 10 black box constantly appearing.



summary complain, Patients that the appearance of the black penalty box Windows VOX keeps in 10. Why do black boxes appear on the screen? How to bind directly to it? If you are also trying to understand them, MiniTool is exactly what your business needs.

Many users have reported that their screen changes when set to native Windows. Do you also care about ideas? die Now you can get a certain number of effective fixes.

Five more years after its release, Windows is still the most popular PC operating system in the world. As described online, the apps run on all 56 PCs on the site. And today, Microsoft is ending official software support every day. You

If you’re using Windows 4, it doesn’t mean your computer is about to come will stop working. But this means that you can no longer contact Microsoft for free technical support. And will Microsoft stop adding new interesting features to the system.

Regarding security updates, Microsoft may continue to release the latest software for another five years . And during a period of what Microsoft calls “extended support,” you can purchase paid support if needed. 2020

After Windows 7, owners should be on their own. Microsoft doesn’t provide support, even if you’re willing to pay for it. And if hackers discover a vulnerability in software, Microsoft won’t necessarily fix it.

There is a lot of evidence that people should continue to use their PCs after the end of support period. According to To net Applications, Windows after 7 is by far the most popular OS version. It was released in 2001. Microsoft has even discontinued and implemented security updates for the software over the last few year. But millions of professionals continued to use it. Obviously

Run the audio troubleshooter.
Make sure all Windows updates are installed.
Discover your amazing cables, jacks, jacks, volume, speakers and headphone jacks.
Check your sound selection.
Restore audio drivers.
Set your audio device as the default player.
Turn off sound enhancements.

This is a problem for Microsoft because something like this will sell people hot versions of their software. But this is also a general problem for the Internet as a whole. Older PCs are vulnerable to hacking, once hackers hack PCs they start doing things like spamming and attacking other devices on the internet. Second, if you (or probably more than your parents or just grandparents) have a ten year old computer, it’s time to afford a new one.

Problem: How to fix Windows 11 Shutdown Recycle Bin randomly appearing?

Hi, I must have recently upgraded to Windows 11, but at first there were no complaints – everything went well. However, I recently noticed that this window appears randomly after doing some work on the PC, or browsing the web to view a document. This happens quite often, so it’s quite annoying. Do you have any ideas how we can solve our problem, please? ?

Windows 11 was originally released in early October 2021, right after it was first announced at the start of the production year. Undoubtedly, the latest version of Windows was relatively easily accessible compared to more than some older versions, which made other people eager to try out almost every feature, the new improved user interface, and then iterations of another better operating system. recent

Because non-Microsoft versions of products always work perfectly, there have been many criticisms of accessibility on the way to upgrade, many older processors are not suitable. Although you can always bypass this limitation with a simple registry editor trick, it can lead to system instability and problems.

While most of those who were lucky enough to upgrade were generally satisfied, the release was not without its problems. People started noticing various [1] bugs that affectedthe latest version of the operating system. Several studies have been done on Windows 14. A strange phenomenon – there is a stop box, which randomly appears when users make decisions on their PC.

EnterHow do I make Windows 11 shutdown randomly show the theft box?

This activity is not normally triggered by actions, specific users report the issue after browsing the web, playing digital or video games, entering an internal text file. The frequency of ideas varies, also though most community members say the outage happens every few minutes. This is an alternative Windows 11 error.

Fortunately, there are stepladders that should help you fix most of those pesky inconsistencies and errors. Below we offer several Solutions for situations that should fit at least you.

Solution 1: Run PC recovery tool

Windows 10 is a large system complex, and each of the majority of users has their own configuration. That is why what works well for one may not work for another, especially when there are so many different causes of PC problems. Therefore, we highly recommend that you try a repair tool such as the Washing Machine reimagemac X9. In addition to recovering corrupted device files, it can also detect basic Windows problems.

Check monitor and cables. If your screen is flickering a lot, the first thing you can do isTo do is to exclude the hardware.
Set this correct refresh rate.
Reset the display driver.
Reinstall your video card.
Remove problematic apps.
Create a new Windows user profile.

Use this DISM command tool. Right-click the Start menu button and select Command Prompt.
Check your video card drivers.
Run this SFC scan.
Run the troubleshooter.
Disable integrated graphics.
Change the sunlight settings.