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Where can I find error codes in Windows?

These codes are actually a subset of a larger fix that can be seen in the main header files asferr.h (ASF codes) and nserror.h (other codes) placed in the Windows SDK Media. Other common error codes can be seen in Winerror.h.

COMPASS for Windows is a complete survey package that you can run
under Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows
XP. Some versions of COMPASS for Windows have hundreds of useful and related versions.
powerful features that allow anyone to view and analyze them
important aspects under your cave data. KOMPAS for Windows
allows you to visualize caves of all sizes and offers integrated features
Support for photo printers, plotters, complex graphics and
virtual memory.

(There is also a DOS version of COMPASS, but it lacks
many of the qualities available in the Windows version. v
The main advantage of DOS is the ability to go further
Old, very affordable PCs 8086 and 286.)

KOMPAS for Windows consists of several main parts. here
full description of each necessary part of the system:

I. PROJECT MANAGER. The project manager is just a master
Management system for all COMPASS operations. It automates everything
aspects of the investigation period. M Project manager
performs two main operations. First of all, it allows you to organize yourself
and structural collapse studies. Secondly, he leads
cave data processing.

A. Organize cave data. COMPASS gives you amazing flexibility
in the organization of cave exploration data. The data can be organized as
multiple hierarchical data forests. Example for KOMPAS
Features that allow you to make large caves or
Cave systems for the best single image. COMPASS also has "Local"
and "global" linking capabilities, allowing clients to link dens together
even though there are definitely duplicate station names in the exclusive files.

Finally, individual survey files may participate in more than
project. This means that whoever shines for you can organize and shine
the same data in different ways. For example, you may have
project file showing all the caves in the system and
another that controls only a subset; all without modification
the most important dates. And

Caves where individual research stations couldwhether to be trapped.
fixed coordinates in the project plan. It means a lot without
If you change your details, each type of cave can be blocked differently.
coordinate systems. The location of a fixed station can be set according to two
Longitude/Latitude or UTM. COMPASS supports 26 different
geodetic standards. The length/latitude can be entered with both decimal places.
Degrees or degrees, or something like minutes, seconds. The program allows you
Be sure to convert between the two units. COMPASS also supports the option
using the angle of "convergence" UTM for turning
The cave in the direction corresponds to the UTM grid.

The Project Manager gives you complete freedom to copy, move,
delete, rename and block operations in surveys. You can
even copying, with mobile polls between files. It's too much
It is easier to create new data files and add new surveys to the files.
Everything is done by simple drag and drop
movement. It simplifies organization and structuring
projects and surveys.

Because there are so many waysTo organize information
Cave projects can be very complex. Work at the end
The project manager is designed to simplify setup
Data. The project manager organizes the cave's computer data by displaying
An almost "tree" array of surveys, files and caves related to your
Project. Creation, organization, selection and development
simple hover and click, drag.

COMPASS creates data at three different levels: projects,
protocols, investigations. The file can contain tens or hundreds
Survey. Medium-sized cavities that are too young are usually filled
one file. Large caves are usually placed in several files under help.
organize the cave and simplify the management of particulars. projects
the highest level of membership. A project may include several
Files in each type of caves. They can also be used to combine
several caves in a completely unique cave system
the process of creating a new layout, the project manager has
"Project creation wizard" that guides you through almost everything
Steps to create a new Give project.

After thatabout how you organized your personal information, go to Polls, Files.
and projects that your family can color in, highlight, selectively exclude
or view a survey, file, or project.

B. Project management. Unfortunately, the project manager has a lot
Functions allow you to copy, transport, reorder and delete
Survey. Allows you to make copies of documents at one time
projects and place illegal copies in other directories, disks or
HDD. This makes it easier to create copies of the project.
and share your personal data with others.

C. Cave Data Processing. Once you have organized your data,
The project manager automatically processes all data sets
Close, collect, and display the selected data. You have
full control over the exact data processed and displayed.
The project manager automatically checks the date every
file and only processes new or changed files.

D. Foot units. Lets the user make sure you choose between a compass
International foot and, no doubt, American research foot. It was byuseful
because many people use the US survey foot as the standard
geographical links.


COMPAS for Windows is one of the largest and most powerful
the most complex editor for finding posts and edits
Cave exploration data clips. It was specially designed for the quarry.
complex input and editing of information for very large
cave exploration.

1. PANEL STYLE. The editor has a completely new style "Spread".
An Edit Sheet grid that makes it look like you're just writing a book with a synopsis. It makes typing easier
and change the view simply and intuitively.

2. CUSTOMIZED ENTRY ORDER. The editor can complete
Configuring the order in which experimental items are entered.Other
Words sorted by From, To, Compass, Compass Back,
Length, Tilt, Back Tilt, Up, Down,
"Left" with "Right" can be adjusted to match your entire survey.

3. CUSTOMIZABLE UNITS OF MEASUREMENT. The editor supports eight
Various units from Values, including: degrees, squares, grads,
Degrees/minutes, percentages, decimal feet, feet/inches,
and meters. The element sensor measurement can also be used for cave divers.
be captured. Measurements can be viewed and edited in addition to those entered.
in one of these divisions.

4. INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT. In addition, m graduates
The editor also supports other international methods for
Dates and decimal separators. For example, the editor
supports commas for decimal rewards in countries where this is the case

5. CHECK INPUT ERROR. The editor checks each entry as is
entered to make sure it is correct. Reported bugs
Immediately after the user tries to do something, he exits the field with an error
Value. In cases where strict error checking can be performed
sometimes it is necessary to enter unusual values.

6. INVITES. As you maneuver from camera to camera to enter
data, often the editor will ask you for the ideal type and format
the data it is trying. This simplifies the life of ordinary computer users.
for data entry.

7. KEYBOARD EDITION. Most editors on Windows will apply this
They come and go and combine mouse and keyboard. KOMPAS with
Editors, all you need these days
And the keyboard, and the rabbit. In fact, most of the changes
Operations can potentially be performed entirely from digital
keyboard. Example: Enter takes you to the next field and
When you enter a pause field, you move to a new line.

Programs now support 12 radio station names. Right
The reason why they can't exceed 12 characters was to try
Maintain a minimum level of compatibility with the DOS version.
Due to DOS memory limitation, the DOS version
unable to go beyond 8 characters.

created with a critical down arrow, enter the key on our last
field or with a mouse click. Solutions are chosen by the user
The editor automatically translates new station names when the feature is new.
originshot goes. For example, landing approach after AB1-AB2.
will be AB2-AB3 and/or CC2a-CC2b will be CC2b-CC2c.

10. SEARCH AND REPLACE. A wide range of testing, research
and globally override and change various options you can use to search and find
Edit tunes, stations, flags and comments online. per
For example, you can search for stations that are still using recordings.
universal game. These can be full or partial station names.
globally changed or simply replaced. Flags can be changed everywhere
or replaced. Comments can be searched by wildcards

11. EXCESSIVE RESPECT. You can choose an additional grant editor
Enter the legacy port for each snapshot. Memories can be
corrected or uncorrected. The editor can possibly check flag summaries
and anyone discussing the predefined error limit. v
Validation of the entire process can be done through a small survey or
the entire file by doing hundreds of surveys in your spare time. v
the program will

What does “this partition or disk drive cannot be formatted” mean?

"This partition or drive cannot be formatted" - The error appears randomly when trying to create a hard drive partition, format a great USB drive or SD card for use in Windows 11. This formatting error has been complained about, but within the Microsoft community.