Tech Support: Chronicles of an Unknown Error, Volume 2

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Technical Support: Unknown Bug is now available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. This is a conclusion that will consist of two parts – read part 1 here.

When I first started doing your tech support: unknown bug, I usually expected it to be a tech game. Presented through a Windows-like user interface, the player assumes the identity of a technician who interacts with customers and tries to solve problems with the phone while navigating professional ransomware and hacktivist groups.


Unlike my previous creations, I will be doing this on my own, with no writers or singers to back me up. That my options were limited by the type of gaming applications I could create, so I had to get creative and work on something that could offer a wide range of exploration and discovery, even if it was limited byLimited space.

I liked the idea of ​​using the car control system as a learning environment for players, along with all the custom software you’d expect, like email, web phone, and even a terminal prompt. I felt like I could take a concept novel and make it the centerpiece of my game. However, over the course of development, I realized that your tech support actually took care of the human interactions, including the customers using their phones, as well as the characters encouraging player, make sure you act on their behalf.

I started studying conversations, trying to understand how other people talk to people online, how they abbreviate words, use emoticons, and even make typos. My game would have an infinite number of consumers, and I wanted everyone to create unique personalities in the process of communication.

Gameplay typically involved the player interacting with procedurally generated business chats on using a set of macros to speed up the chat. I decided andAvoid player-like text because I wanted the system to always know exactly what it was trying to call and speed up the action. The game was just starting, so as the story progressed, there were enough new answers to get. You can even hack the system using the terminal to gain access to new features.

Tech Support offers a more open experience than my previous game: free players simply participate in the conversations they receive, choose their allies accordingly, and browse their computer environment to uncover multiple storylines. It offers a huge replayability and encourages many passages through hidden secrets, diverging paths and different endings.

A topic such as tech support might include a range of devices such as netbooks, computers, and electronics in general. Instead, I decided to really dive into the depths of one topic and feel the omnipresence of smartphones so that you can be the perfect candidate. This affected the basic format of the confid Technical support functions throughout the cycle. For example, at a time when hacking is becoming especially common, and governments and private companies can track us and eavesdrop on our organization through our phones, this seemed like an important issue that needed to be addressed.

But I didn’t want to pursue the hobby through a simple, superficial, power-hungry group. Everyone has a motivation for their actions, and I wanted the player to choose what they feel is right. Also, I wanted to take a different stance on some of the generalizations we’re used to. I’ve also been asked a lot if there are Indian support specialists in my video game, and there are, but I want to humanize them and show a separate part of their reality.

So I wrote a story about a new conflict between a large corporation and a group of hacktivists who are just trying to destroy them. Neither blacks nor two whites, each of whom considers their activity fair given the context and currently leaves it up to the player to decide who would like to participate, orRather, follow one of your many other groups… or even join one of the most selfish personalize paths. It does not matter, it allows you to consider all points of view, provide you with maximum information and make a final decision.

If you’ve seen this, Tech Support: Error Will unidentified will be released on Steam and I’ll read all the feedback and hear almost all the comments. The design of a game is often so unique that it is difficult to predict whether it will become popular. I hope this topic will keep players interested and this experience will encourage them to explore more and stay longer than the average specialist.

For my part, I can’t stop making games, it’s a passion that can take me far beyond this game. This is certainly not the case when it comes to sensitive souls, this product does not offer a stable permanent job and every once in a while my game that you have been working on for countless months gets so ragged that you are about to be torn to pieces for reviews. It’s scary, it’s exhilarating, not to mention there’s nothing left for me to dodo.

I sincerely hope that all aspiring game developers will approach your hobby with sufficient understanding. Imagine your goals as a developer elsewhere and feel outside of your current project. This is especially important now if you want to help build a career.

Accept any help you can. While we pride ourselves on being able to make something ourselves, games are complex beasts with a lot of competition and we do have a lot of time. Working with Iceberg Interactive has taken me to a level that I could not have achieved on my own and I hope to achieve more in the future.

Stay open to cutting-edge ideas. Technical support is not the kind of game I had in mind when I started working on this type of game mechanically or thematically. Creation will ultimately be an organic process. One day you will be disappointed, because all the rest will end up being days that will also surprise a person.

Finally, if you’re working, don’t let yourself be isolated. I usually broadcast mostof my work on Twitch and cannot describe how grateful I am to everyone who has certainly supported, challenged and influenced me there.

Some of them are easy to scare, and literally everything is difficult to complete with one guide or another. You never know how people will react until you release the game. Tech Support: Bug unknown marks the end of a chapter in my career, and despite everything, I’m proud to be associated with it.